About the Journal

The Information, Computing and Intelligent systems  journal was founded with the aim of developing the domestic scientific potential in the Information technologies and integrating it into the world scientific space by publishing research results.

The Information, Computing and Intelligent systems journal (ICIS journal) was registered under a new name in 2019 (certificate KB 23827-13667ПР, dated 20.02.2019).

The founder of the ICIS journal is the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

The ICIS journal is the legal successor of the Collection "Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Informatics, Management and Computer Engineering", which was founded in 1964 at the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering.

The journal is assigned the International Standard Serial Number ISSN ISSN 2708-4930 (Print), ISSN 2786-8729 (Online)

The magazine is published once a year.

The Collection "Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Informatics, Management and Computer Engineering" archive.

The language of publication of articles is English. Extended annotations are published in Ukrainian and English.

The ICIS journal is intended for the publication of scientific articles by scientists and practitioners of the field of Information Technologies, teachers, applicants, post-graduate students, young scientists.

Publication of materials in the journal is carried out under the condition that the authors comply with the editorial requirements imposed on scientific publications of Ukraine.

The Editorial Board of ICIS journal is made up of domestic and international specialists in the field of Information Technologies.

The ICIS journal is included in the

Focus and Scope

UDC classification index (for scientific publications): UDC 004

The ICIS journal is designed to present the results of research on the creation of components of computer and information systems and complexes, automation and data transmission devices, automation systems for programming, control and diagnostics, artificial intelligence.

We welcome graduate students, students, masters, scientists, specialists to publish scientific papers in the  information technology field:

  • Computerized and computer systems and networks;
  • Internet of things;
  • Transformation and processing of information;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Computer cryptography;
  • Information protection;
  • Intelligent systems;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Machine learning;
  • Automated design of software and hardware;
  • System control;
  • Diagnostics and control of parameters of complex systems;
  • Processes and environments;
  • Engineering knowledge;
  • Embedded systems;
  • Robotics;
  • Microelectronics.


Attention, for authors! Articles are submitted to the journal via the  Open Journal Systems (OJS) http://itvisnyk.kpi.ua. To submit articles to the journal and check the current status of your materials, you must log in to the OJS system as a registered user. To register in the OJS system, select the "Registration" menu on the main page of the journal's website http://itvisnyk.kpi.ua.